On The Ide of October: Onto the Rough Seas

Today, as we gather here together, around this city, around this state, around this nation, and around this good Earth, we, the workers, the engineers, the scholars and doctors, we, the 99%, the masses, we stand together with more power and phenomena than any other time in history. Before any other being knows this, we must first understand this. Perhaps, for the first time in all of human history has there been a general strike as profound and pertinent as this one, where the wretched of the Earth have at last united as one and spoken, WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. We will no longer stand and merely spectate as our society falls into the proverbial dark ages. We will no longer sit back and watch as progress is bent and we degenerate into a state of neo-feudalism. We will no longer stand back in fear and obey as the oligarchs draw out their foolish grins and poison our minds with the opium of the masses, whether that be drugs, money, or any other ruiner of minds. For the first time in all of human history are we beginning to see the rise of a true working persons’ consciousness. For the first time in human history are we beginning to see the formations of a global working persons’ revolution. To these means, we will demand justice, of the economical, social, cultural, political, and psychological like none other demonstration in human history.

We have already seen what outstanding power we weld as a mass. It is possible to say, we have, in many ways, surprised even ourselves at our ability to organize and hold steady, even as so many of us have been harassed, arrested, and hurt by the enforcers of the state. This occupation is not some random action of a sporadic collective. No, we, the masses, the hard working citizens of the nation and the world have been cornered, for far too long and we do not deserve such treatment. Ergo, we say no. There is no need to put us against the wall for the wall is about to be broken very soon. There is no need to seek explanations for this crisis. We are the crisis. We did not wish to be the crisis. But you, you crooked men and women who pillaged and plundered from the common man, what had you expected as consequence other than a social upheaval. But sometimes for there to be justice, the song of crisis must flow through the atmosphere. Perhaps, it is only through crisis that we see the true nature of our own souls and the oversoul, and from it, the phoenix of change can spread it’s wings.

In the echoes of those not yet born, they will one day say, remember, remember, the ides of October. But for now, we must not become indolent and idle in our works and thoughts, for this is only the beginning of a major battle, of a war that has been raging on since the dawn of civilization. A war between the few who have primitively accumulated and the masses who have continued to starve. And for the first time in human history, we, the masses are beginning to see the light of victory. The tides are beginning to change. But the tides gravitate towards those who plunder and destroy for they hold a great wealth of power. But this is not natural. It is artificial and unreal. It is secured by bombs and bullets. But bombs and bullets can only penetrate so far into the soul and oversoul of humanity. What we must understand is that we, the masses, hold greater power than any plutocrat. Though as individuals, we may fear and tremble of those in power, together, we must realize we are not alone. We must understand that the sword of solidarity can cut through even the thickest twine of despair. We must understand we have nothing to lose but our chains. That we have a world to win.

There is much to learn from the past. While not propagated much by our rather ignorant and nationalistic media, the 10th of October this year marked the hundredth anniversary of the victorious struggle the people of China took to overthrow the careless and corrupt dynastic rule. The millions of peasants who rose up to challenge the dynastic rule – a power that was said to be ordained by the heavens – were scoffed as nothing more than a public nuisance. But little did the empress of China know, within the period of the next ten years, the power that had lasted for thousands of years would come tumbling down and the people of China would take power. There is much to learn if we listen to the ghost of struggles past. They are there to guide. They are there to help us. But, it is us who must reign the spears of social peace and economic justice, and who must carry on go forward.

We are often told by the powers that be that we are living in the best of all possible worlds. But just take a look around you. Time to wake up. We realize we do not live in the best of possible worlds – far from it. In fact, it is more than safe to say we exist in the worst of all possible worlds. And if that may be the case, there is infinite room for improvement of the human condition. And while the powers that be, the media lords, the senators and congressmen, CEOs and our so called leaders have simply rambled on about the greatness, comfort, and excess of our world, we, the 99% have taken a course of concrete action: a peaceful course of occupations that instill fear into those who still hold onto the belief that we are living in the best of all possible worlds. We have not just spoken, but acted to change our world to the path of our will. As a great intellectual once spoke, we have interpreted the world in many ways, but the true point is to change it. Could it be possible that we are that change?

Our occupation around the globe is one that not only challenges the confounds of power determined space and time, but one that seeks to exceed the limits of our current modes of thought. We are seeking to change things that no other human civilization dared to change. We are seeking new ways of living. We are seeking to form and continually reform a new zeitgeist – one that will make us, humans, do great things our ancestors could not have dared to imagine. But, it is also here, at the end of the so called first stage of our global occupation that we stand at the crossroads. Our declarations have been spoken. Our will has been put out onto the bare streets. It is fact that we will continue to march on, regardless of the circumstance. Even if our leaders dare to declare a war tomorrow, we will not falter. We will stand together. Hear this, citizens of the globe. We, the workers. We the scholars of the world, we have no statehood to hold our allegiances too. We have no motherland to tell our stories too. No one is there to comfort us and hold us up when we fall to the ground time and time again. We knocked and the door to true democracy remained shut. The promise of a fair and equal house is at the foundations of democracy. Given our circumstances, we become cynical – we ask: Could it be possible that that house of democracy had never truly existed? Could it be true that freedom is nothing more than a tale told by the powerful? No, we will refuse to believe such lies. We refuse to believe that freedom is a myth. For the first time in history, we steadfastly declare and hold self evident our freedoms too, and our freedoms from. As long as our occupations stand, the powers-that-be will continue to shake whilst under the guise of dismissal. As long as our occupations stand, we have a hold steady onto a freedom that rightly belongs to all of us, not a just a fraction of a percentage. But the beauteous – and perhaps most horrendous – thing about freedom is that we are free to choose. As we understand presently, our occupations now hold more autonomy that even the initial so labeled agitators would have imagined a few weeks ago. But this is both wonderful as it is frightening. Will we continue with unseen creativity and imagination, or will we regress into a state of physical violence? Will we proceed in peace and progress, or will we recede into aggression and poisoning economism. Will we reinvent the wheel of pain and suffering and repeat the power structures we sought to extinguish? Or will we make something different, something we have never seen before? We are free to choose.

The powers that be have a right to be in fear and trembling. For far too long have they spoken of their entitlement to happiness, all the while stealing from the common person to fuel their profits and parties. They take the wealth from the working person to feed into the continual redevelopment and benefit of their own class – a fraction that does no true work. Let them know this then, that they are also entitled to their crisis. They are also entitled to their suffering. Let them shiver in fright as they encounter our peaceful but unshakable occupations. They call us mobs and “being used” to enforce the culture of fear that which they know so well to do. The reality is far different. We tell them this – we have achieved a level of international class consciousness at a level like never before, whether they are ready or not. We will not stop. We can only go forward. We are a new force they have never seen. Our radical and global embrace for the common person brings us closer together, physically and spiritually, in an aura of unity that will strengthen the weak and bring light where there is darkness. Beauty can not be restricted to the confounds of a social system, We are beautiful. We seek to make a social system unseen before, to make a new model of equality and freedom. So, when they ask to speak to the leaders of our occupations let them know this: There are no leaders here. We are all leaders here.

Dire times call for dire actions. But still, there are those who ask us, why are you here? How long do you plan on staying here? When will you be satisfied? If the blatant facts of global social and economic injustice do not stand as clearly as they do, then let us answer with this. We can never be satisfied so long as we are robbed of our prosperity. We can never be satisfied as long as we are broken of our dignity. We can never be satisfied so long as we are stripped of our identities. We can never be satisfied as long as we must fear for our privacy and our personal securities. We will remain here until those that created the crisis are put to justice. We will remain here until America and her sister so called democracies can be held to their words. We will remain here until corporations be stripped to their true form. We will remain here until a greater level of transparency is put forth in our government. We will remain here until our rights are upheld and protected. We will remain here until those that need to be fed are fed, and those who need a bed too sleep in will be able to attain one with ease as the American, the democratic dream so promises each and everyone of us. We are here because we are here. We are here because we unwaveringly believe in the American dream. We are here because we believe we are the chosen ones who will turn Democratic dream into a reality once and for all. We are here because we believe that while the forces of globalization are teleological, we can alter it so that peace and prosperity can be more equally dispersed, not only because it is a scientific thing to do, but because it is the ethical and moral thing to do. We are here because America has destroyed the prospects of fair and equal access to education. We are here because America has broken the promise to provide decent health care to all its citizens. We are here because we refuse to tow party lines. We are here because we no longer want to be the pawns of profit. We are here because we no longer will passively participate as chess pieces for a war that has nothing to do with us. We will no longer be played as the gambling chips for the capitalists’ game of austerity. Let it sound from mountaintop to mountaintop, that in our current time and space, there is no true war but class war. Some of us have endured time in cramped jail cells. Some of us have been led on by false promises and cruel means of physical and psychological exploitation. Some of us have fought for ten years in a war we still have no true idea why we are in. There are some that say our fate is brought upon us by God, that we can only accept our fate. To that let us say this, blame the gods for the weather. Blame the gods for bad harvest. Curse the gods for sickness. But condemn our governments which still place profit over all – in spite of mass starvation, mass inequality, mass pain and mass suffering. We are here in good faith. Perhaps the best of faith. We are here because the leaders who we put our faith into have returned the bargain with the baddest of faith. To every moment of our suffering, there is a cost. This time, the debt is on them. We have no one reason to occupy. We have an infinite reason to occupy. We owe nothing. We request nothing. We demand everything.

So to the old and young, and those of foreign tongue, are you ready to fight? Really? Ready?

Are we ready to take back what is rightfully our? Our material things? Our voice and air waves? Our self hoods? Our freedoms and equalities? Truly ready?

Are we ready to end the cycle of colossal injustices that leaves us in social, economic, cultural, and spiritual desperation? Truly ready? To separate not just the church and the state, but the corporate and the state?

Are we ready to join hands and link arms with our fellow commoners from the ends of the Earth and commit to marching the long road towards righteousness, peace, and freedom? To keep on keeping on when our legs feel like stone and our eyes become dreary, teary, or dry? Really ready?

Are we ready to cast away all our fears and disagreements, of the constructions of skin color, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, and unite as one to fight the forces of oppression?

Are we really ready to earnestly dive into deep discussion regarding our current state of affairs as human beings, to seek freedom with utmost wisdom, to debate about the human condition?

Are we ready to seriously sit down and acquire about social theory and credibly critique our social system? To break the -ists and -isms? To break the cycles of exploitation? To transcend space and time?

Are we ready to take peaceful but forceful action to break and remake a system and redefine the possibilities of social organization? To make a society that will change from each according to their wealth to each according to their needs. To challenge the shackles of suffering and break the bonds of pain.

Are we ready to make sure this movement continues for as long as it must, to make our marks in time, to redefine the lines and ultimately wipe away the lines of establishment?

Ready or not, we must continue our marches and our occupations until permanent change occurs, not just in our nation and for now, but in every nation for the worker’s struggle is the same across borderlines and color lines for eternity. We can not allow our urgency to break down and become entangled with the web of gradualism. Because ready or not, the powers that be do not care about our hopes and our fears. Because ready or not, the powers that be want this movement dead. Because ready or not, the powers that be will come in and try to tear us apart. More than anything else the powers that be want our movement to fade with history, to waste away with time. But we can not allow that to happen. We are too big to fail. For if we break, they will win their stronghold of oppression. We must go forward, break boundaries, and seek new ways of cohabitation. We must listen, watch, and care for each other. We must sing to those who have not heard and show to those who have not yet seen. And as our movement grows, we must watch out for wolves in sheep clothing. We must be on guard for those who will incite hatred, violence, and division within our sacred connection of unity. We must be wary of the counterrevolutionaries who will inevitably rise to our force.

What has this movement done? It has instilled faith into the middle class across the nations. It has shown that the dream of universal prosperity and dignity still rings from village, to townships, to cities around the world. It has shown that the promise of freedom and equality is not dead, and that we as a mass have a voice and can act together to alter even the strongest of fate. Prophecies be damned! The magnificent militancy that has immersed the global middle class must not lead us to the distrust and resentment of all of those who weld conventional political, economical, and social power. For they too are one of us, human, all too human. They too realize that their own very destinies are inexplicably entangled with our destinies. They too realize that their freedoms are tied with our freedoms. That their equalities weigh no less or greater than our call to equality. At this point in time, we no longer walk alone. We must realize this, embrace this, and empower all the workers of the world. We must not break, for there is no one there to bail us out. We must keep the torch of liberty safe from harm as one day we must pass it from our generation to the next, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum. We must continually question ourselves, our neighbors, and our leaders what freedom means, for none is more hopelessly enslaved that those who falsely believe they are free. We must not only use our freedom of speech, but utilize our freedom of thought. We must persist when the going gets tough as the struggle will soon become. Like a ship sailing into the rough seas, we must be ready to endure any and all hardships, for our revolution is only beginning.

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